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Course Cancellation Policy 

To be eligible for a course refund, please provide five working days’ notice before the course begins. To learn more, click here


The MHSA is committed to providing support and assistance to all of our member companies and our certified peer auditors. If you have any questions or concerns in any step of the audit process (planning, conducting, reporting) please contact Emily Leblanc (Northern AB), Lori Lerminiaux (Central, AB) or Crystal Wood (Southern, AB).

Don’t forget internal maintenance audits are due no later than December 31st of the calendar year. 

In 2019, MHSA will be closed as of noon on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 and will re-open after the holiday season on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

It is the responsibility of the auditor to submit the required documents to MHSA and the company being audited, so it’s important to plan ahead. Avoid the rush and submit early. In an effort to prepare for next year please become familiar with the 2019 New Audit Standards.

Contact MHSA for the Audit Tool.

What is an audit?

An audit is a comprehensive review of an employer’s health and safety management system. To qualify for a COR, the audit must be carried out by a certified MHSA peer auditor, using an approved MHSA audit tool. This is done by conducting:

  • Documentation reviews
  • Interviews with staff
  • Observational techniques

Who can conduct MHSA audits for PIR/COR?

Only MHSA certified auditors can conduct audits to qualify for a MHSA COR through the PIR program.

What training is required to become an MHSA certified Peer Auditor?

  1. Successfully complete the following MHSA courses:
  2. Complete 2 audits every 3 years
  3. Attend Auditor Refresher course every three years or when required

My company has more than one WCB account number. Do I have to perform more than one audit? 

When an employer arranges for an audit they should determine which operations and/or facilities are to be covered. One audit can be used to cover all the operations of an employer, but when applying for a COR the employer must specify which WCB account, industry code(s) and facilities were covered by the audit.

The WCB account number and industry code(s) covered by the audit will be indicated on the COR when it is issued. Please contact us as additional forms must be completed.

Note: Only one WCB account number can be linked to an individual COR, but multiple industry codes and/or facilities can be assigned to a COR.

If I have a COR and my company acquires/merges with another company, or sells part of its operations, does the existing COR still apply to the new organization?

When employers change the structure of their business operations they may also be changing the management system of their company. If the management system audited for the original COR is substantially changed by the acquisition/merger or sale, then a new audit would be required and the original COR would not be considered valid. Should you have any questions, please contact us.