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Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training

Length: 4 hours (8 am – 12 pm)

Course Description:

Every organization with safety-sensitive positions needs supervisors, lead hands, and front-line managers who are able to appropriately and effectively identify possible impairment on the job. Employee drug and alcohol testing cannot be performed based on a mere hunch. Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training delivers the necessary tools and skills to recognize and appropriately handle employees exhibiting signs of impairment.

This 4-hour course will prepare supervisors for determining whether or not reasonable cause exists and what to do when they suspect it. Program topics include:

  • Applicable Legislation (Human Rights, Privacy, OH&S)
  • Drugs & Their Effects (Alcohol, Cannabis, Illicit Drugs, Medications)
  • Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace
  • Managing Reasonable Cause Situations
  • Reasonable Cause and Post-Incident Testing Protocols

This course exceeds both COAA (Canadian Model) and U.S. Department of Transportation requirements for Supervisor Training.

  • Members: $100.00
  • Non Members: $

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Course Cancellation Policy 

To be eligible for a course refund, please provide five working days’ notice before the course begins. To learn more, click here