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To Another Successful "Take A Walk Day"

Tue, 2016-08-23 13:41

MHSA once again participated in WCB's "Take A Walk Day" and are proud to have received the following positive response from our campaign.

"Thank you both for the back talk (no pun intended) today and related hand out info, it is very much appreciated and timely as I’m in the process of updating our Manual Handling Standard and will use some of the information you have provided.

The walk a-round stretching exercises were easy and did not take long to complete and this is one aspect of our safe lifting program that we don’t currently do but would like to get it started here. I was wondering if you have an electronic version or know where I could download copies of the stretching and explanation exercises you provided in the handouts and that were displayed during our walk around as this is a great visual aid in getting employees to pre-stretch before starting work? I think once they see how easy it is to do they will be more inclined to perform them by themselves or as a team (preferred) prior to starting work.

Do you also have an electronic version of the Back to Basics Toolbox Meeting that I could use for sending in my request to conduct this toolbox talk?

Again, thanks for the luncheon and info today – it was well received."

On behalf of MHSA, thank you Frank Metherel of Shawcor for your feedback and to all who came out and joined your regional MHSA office in support of "Take A Walk Day."

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