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Supporting STARS Air Ambulance

Fri, 2017-11-17 08:50

With your help, MHSA raised $6,554.40 for STARS Air Ambulance in 2017! We want to give a heartfelt “Thank you” to all who donated this past year. It is because of you that STARS continues to fly!

STARS provides essential air ambulance services and contributes to search and rescue missions. But did you know that they also monitor 4,200 industry worksites as well? This helps STARS to contact people in close proximity with First Aid training to assist with missions, if required due to time constraints.

The admirable STARS workers think quickly on their feet while under pressure. This foresight has helped STARS complete more than 33,000 missions to date, with 11 helicopters and crew always on stand-by. Behind the scenes, a GPS mapping tool gives precise locations and flight times to the crew. Every minute counts when dealing with life and death situations.

The MHSA Rocky View staff had the opportunity to tour the STARS hangar and facility. Speaking to the crew and hearing their real-life situations was fascinating. Some of our staff had this to say about STARS:

“My experience at STARS was one that won’t be forgotten. It’s amazing what the medical staff are able to do in such a small confined space and it was interesting to have all the equipment and its functions explained to us. I think it definitely takes special people to be able to do what they do day to day.”

“I never knew how much manpower and background work goes into the entire process from start to finish. The background work that is done for the flight crews and hospitals keeps the missions organized and ensure that every minute is used wisely.”

“Learning from the flight crew about their mobilization procedures to respond to an emergency, and the equipment and expertise they have on board was an eye opener.”

Let’s look forward to supporting STARS in 2018. They are here for us, our workers and communities 24 hours every day, 365 days a year let’s be there for them!


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