Developing & Managing Your Fit for Duty Policy & Program (DER Training)

Course Details

Length: 4 hours (12:30 pm – 4:30 pm)

Pre-requisite: Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training

Course Description

In recent years, companies and worksites have begun to change their approach to workplace safety. This paradigm shift is intensified by the federal legalization of marijuana, which makes it imperative that workplace policies and testing address employee impairment and fitness for duty, rather than focus solely on employee substance use.

In addition, though drug and alcohol testing are not regulated in Canada, there are still legislative requirements that must be met and be complied with. These requirements include Federal and Provincial Human Rights legislation, Privacy Acts, and Labor Standards.

This 4-hour course will provide program administrators and management information and tools to manage their workplace Fit for Duty programs in a way that protects the company from liability while also supporting worker health and safety. Program topics include:

  • Impact of Human Rights, Privacy, and OH&S

  • Limitations and Options for Drug Testing

  • Program Components and Policy Recommendations

  • Policy Related Processes

    • Medical Clearance (Prescription Medication and Medical Cannabis)

    • Positive Test Process

    • Return to Duty Process


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  • Non Members: N/A

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