What is a COR

Companies that are serious about success are serious about safety. They're COR-certified.

Are you dedicated to promoting a strong health and safety culture, reducing injuries, and saving lives? Prove your commitment to safety. Get a COR.

Certificate of Recognition (COR/SECOR)
Regular or Small Employer

A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is a government-approved safety program that awards employers who develop health and safety management safety systems that meet established provincial standards. Through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) program, certificates are issued by Alberta Human Services and are co-signed by Certifying Partners. MHSA utilizes two different Audit Instruments; Regular COR Audit for 11+ total employees or SECOR for 10 or less total employees.

Certifying Partner

Certifying Partners (CPs) are health and safety associations that promote worksite health and safety practices in Alberta.

We are the recognized Certifying Partner for the manufacturing industry. WCB codes 30100 and 62500 pay member fees through a levy collected by WCB. We have in-depth industry knowledge and use it to help you promote and develop workplace health and safety practices. Certifying Partners are authorized by the Government of Alberta to deliver the Partnership program to Alberta employers interested in earning a COR.

Services from a Certifying Partner

We take a lead role in promoting and maintaining health and safety standards to help create a safe work culture for Alberta workers.

We offer:

Health and Safety Management System Training (MHSA’s Safety Basics Course) - Training in the development and implementation of a health and safety management system to the standard required for COR certification. This training is the first step in the development of a health and safety program, whether the employer is participating in the regular COR or small employer SECOR program.

Auditor Training (MHSA’s Safety Auditor Course) – Instruction on how to measure the effectiveness of a company’s health and safety management system.

Coordination of Health and Safety Audits – coordinate, track, schedule and arrange audits for COR Certification, Re-Certification and Maintenance audits (if requested).

Quality Assurance Review – Perform quality assurance reviews on all submitted health and safety audits, and provide feedback to auditors.

What is a Health and Safety Management System?

A health and safety management system is a proactive approach to minimizing the risk of injury or illness to workers. This is accomplished by identifying, assessing and controlling risks to workers in all workplace operations. The scope and complexity of a health and safety management system will vary according to the type of workplace and the nature of operations carried out.

The elements of our Audit Instrument include:

  • Health and Safety Policy & Responsibility

  • Hazard Assessment – Formal & Field Level

  • Hazard Controls

  • Joint Worksite HSC or HSR

  • Training and Competency

  • Other Parties at or in the Vicinity of the Worksite

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Worksite Inspections

  • Incident Investigation

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • First Aid

  • Senior Management Leadership

  • System Administration

We provide the training you need to create and maintain an effective health and safety management system. Find out more.

Learn more about our COR process (link coming soon) or, contact your Regional COR Administrator for more information. View our COR Administrators here.

The length and time to complete the COR certification process, and the costs associated with the required training, depend on the size and scope of your operation.

Consider becoming an MHSA Member

MHSA Members can enjoy additional benefits:

  • Reduced WCB rates

  • Apply for safety certification

To learn more about MHSA membership please email Maggie Schell (maggie@mhsa.ab.ca) to obtain a membership application form.