Forklift Operator - Trainer Recertification

Course Details

Format: Classroom

Duration: 1/2 day

Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


1. Valid MHSA Forklift Operator - Trainer Certificate

2. MHSA Forklift Operator Certificate that has not expired

PPE Required: Safety boots

Course Description

This 1/2 day course is required for all MHSA certified Forklift Operator Trainers that have Trainer Certification or an Operator Certificate expiring this year. We will review Forklift Operator course administration procedures, updates to course materials, forms and related documentation and provide solutions for presentation challenges. An open forum will occur for trainers to consult with coordinators on Course Criteria and Code of Ethics.

Trainers will be required to pass a written and practical confirmation with an 80% passing mark.


Trainers whose certification has expired or who have not taught any courses within 12 months of completing the Train the Trainer course, will not be eligible for the recertification course.


  • Members: $75.00

  • Non Members: $75.00

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